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Branko Galoić & Skakavac Orkestar

Skakavac (Grasshoper) orchestra is a group of musicians from different countries that Branko met in Amsterdam in last couple of years. 
One rainy night he visited a caffe where Merel was playing tuba with her band and that was when idea about brass band was born. Raya and Marian have already played with Branko in a different band and Igor joined in. Over the years and on different albums, Branko made music with lots of different musicians, but this formation is received best by public.
Merel Schoutendorp (tuba), Raya Hadzhieva (trumpet), Marian Mašik (trombone), Igor Plzak (drums), Guest musicians (bigger Skakavac): Stefanos Sekeroglou (violin), Sandra Tadić (vocals).


Raromski are six top musicians gathered around the virtuoso singer Sandra Tadić. Together they guarantee atmospheric concerts on large and small stages. Songs full of Russian melancholy, Serbian pounding dance rhythms, Raromski takes the audience to a party full of emotion and euphoria. Raromski gives a contemporary interpretation of the popular Balkan and Roma repertoire of greats like Esma Redžepova and Goran Bregović etc. The musicians mastered the traditional way of playing and thereby add their broad musical experience which creates a unique sound.
Raromski are: Jan Rademaker: Accordion, Karin Kranenborg: Saxophone, Bart de Kater: Clarinet, Sandra Tadić: Vocals, Igor Plzak: Percussion, Rene Gosse: Percussion, Kay Ramati: Bass